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WG5: Instrumental Issues

Group Leader: David Smith
Co-Leader: Gordon Hurford

The Presentations

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Hello, all,

Here are some of the outstanding issues off the top of my head; I’ll ask Gordon to edit or add to the list.  Please enter your own ideas in the comments, and in particular tell us your own priorities!  Finally, please weigh in on this question: do we want to limit the meeting times of the group so that some folks have time to attend other groups?  Or should we just expect people to wander in and out as they prefer?

  • Instrument response matrix of radiation-damaged detectors (front and rear)
  • Improving knowledge of relative normalization of the detector segments (for imaging)
  • Improvements to the gain solution at the level of < 0.1 keV, mostly for allowing study of energy shifts to the 6 keV line (this is the easiest of these problems to tackle, and it’s being worked on right now, but please tell me whether you find it important!)

best wishes,

David Smith


10th RHESSI Workshop


The 10th RHESSI Workshop will take place from August 1-5th 2010 at the Historic Inns of Annapolis in Annapolis, Maryland.

Annapolis, Maryland

Image taken by fmorgen

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