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Thank you!

Group photo
Also: banquet photos

Thank you all for coming and making this a great workshop. Links to the collected presentations can be found on the respective working-group pages.  Looking forward to seeing you all at the next RHESSI workshop!

The Local Organizing Committee


Using gcal for Workgroup Schedules

Group Leaders,

In order to coordinate our organization efforts and make the group schedules as available as possible we suggest that everyone use google calendars.  Google calendars is very easy to use and provides many capabilities for free (e.g. sharing and publishing, collaborative editing).  The image of the workshop schedule shown on the scientific program page has been created with google calendar.  If you have never used google calendar and do not have a google account then please start here.  If you already have a google (or gmail) account then you already have access to google calendar (whether you knew it or not!), just visit the google calendar homepage and login with your google (or gmail) account to access it.  Once you are logged into to google calendar create a new calendar by clicking “Add” under the “My Calendars” pane in the left hand panel and call it “Working Group #” where # is your working group number.

Figure 1: Add a new calendar called "Working Group #" where # is your working group number by clicking "Add". To access calendar setting click on the arrow next to your calendar name.

Now add items to your calendar as you see fit by simply clicking where you would like the event to occur.  Please note that you can browse your calendars by “Day” (see the upper right hand corner).

Figure 2: To add someone else's calendar click on the "Add" button under "Other calendars"

As a guide you can add the official RHESSI Workshop overview calendar by clicking “Add” under “Other Calendars” and adding the calendar URL

RHESSI Workshop Overview Calendar URL

This will give you a template for the times available for each working group.  Finally make sure to make your calendar is public (so everyone can see it including us and your group members).

Figure 3: Make sure that your calendar is set to "Public" so that the organizing committee and your group members can access it.

To do this go to your calendar settings by clicking the little downward arrow next to your calendar name on the left-hand side pane (see Figure 1).  You can also allow multiple people to edit your calendar.  The next step is to publish your calendar.  You can find the calendar URL in “Calendar Details” also located in “Calendar settings” under Calendar address.

Figure 4: To get your calendar HTML link click on XML under in the "Calendar Details" under your Calendar settings.

Choose the XML link to get the link to your calendar and publish it on your work group page and send it to the workshop organizers.  The HTML link will give you a handy link to an HTML version of your calendar.


Hotel Reservation Reminder

This is just a quick reminder that tomorrow (July 2nd) is the last day to get the negotiated workshop rate at the workshop hotel (The historic Inns of Annapolis) so please don’t forget to make your reservations!  It seems like the online system may not be able to give you the negotiate rate ($120/night) so please place your reservation by phone (410-263-2641) and don’t forget to mention the “NASA RHESSI workshop”.


Workshop Registration Summary

This page shows the most recent registration results (last updated 12-Jul-2010).

Registered People

Gordon Holman
Eduard Kontar
Albert Shih
Ewan Dickson
Nicole Vilmer
Gordon Emslie
Robert Lin
Alexei Struminsky
Gordon Hurford
Brian Dennis
Yang Su
Steven Christe
Hugh Hudson
Ronald Murphy
Ryan Milligan
Zongjun Ning
Wenjuan Liu
Phillip Chamberlin
Lindsay Glesener
Gerald Share
James Miller
Siming Liu
James Drake
richard schwartz
Weiqun Gan
Mark McConnell
Jingnan Guo
Claire Raftery
Hazel Bain
Jeffrey Brosius
Chang Liu
Alexander Warmuth
Gottfried Mann
Rim Turkmani
Pavel Gritcyk
Juan Carlos Martinez Oliveros
Wei Chen
Alec MacKinnon
Valentina Zharkova
Anna Maria Massone
Marina Battaglia
Yan Xu
Rui Liu
George Doschek
Qingrong Chen
Michele Piana
Silvia Allavena
Sophie Masson
Pascal Saint-Hilaire
Liu Wei
Neus Agueda
Procheta Mallik
Iain Hannah 
James McTiernan
Tom Vestrand
Amir Caspi
James Musobo
Lyndsay Fletcher
Sam Krucker
David Smith
Jack Ireland
Laszlo Istvan Etesi


Planning a New Flare/CME/SEP Mission – Supplemental Meeting

This page has moved.  It can now be found here or look to the tabs above!


Welcome Group Leaders!

Group leaders,
In order to make the creation of this webpage more collaborative and user-friendly, we have chosen to use wordpress (a popular blogging tool) as the hosting service.  The advantage is that editing the website is fairly easy as it provides a simple graphical user interface and allows for many users to contribute to the site.  As group leaders, you can therefore manage and update the group pages as you see fit (e.g. group schedule, introductions, group participant list, photos, etc.)  If you haven’t ever used this kind of software, we (the organizing committee) will be more than happy to help out if you have any problems.
The first step to editing the webpage is to create a user account.  You should be soon receiving an email inviting you to do this.  Due to a limitations with wordpress, only one account can be given access to edit a page therefore if leaders and co-leaders want to both edit you will have to share an account.  Please keep that in mind when you create your wordpress account.  After creating a user account on wordpress, you can use that account to edit any wordpress blog which gives you access.  Each group leader will be given access to edit their own group page.  The group pages can be found under the working group link.

The working groups link

After you have created an account on wordpress and in order to login (if you aren’t already), use the link on the lower right hand corner of the page under “For authors”.  There you’ll see a “Log in” link.

The login in link can be found here (though in this case it says logout as I was already logged in at the time)

You’ll know you are logged in if a bar appears above the page.

This grey bar tells you you are logged in.

When you are logged in you will be able to edit your own group page.  To do that simply navigate to your group page.  There are two ways to start editing.  You can click on the edit button next to the title of the post.

The edit link next to the title of the post allows you to enter into edit mode.

Alternatively you can also click on the edit link in the grey bar above the page.

The "Edit Post" link in the grey bar will also enter you into edit mode.

In edit mode you will be presented with a simple “Microsoft Word”-like interface to edit the your group page.  You can simply type text or add bulleted lists and so on and so forth.  You can also upload images to add into the post.  We hope that this interface is not to hard to decypher. If you are an html guru, feel free to enter into HTML mode and edit the html directly.

A preview of edit mode.

When you are done editing please be sure to save your work by clicking the “Update” button.  This will make your changes live.  There is also a preview button which will let you see how your changes will look on the actual page without making your changes live.

After editing please don't forget to save your work by clicking "Update"

As mentioned previously, the organizing committee will be more than happy to help.  The organizing committee can also come in and edit any page on the website including the group pages therefore please do not be surprised if you find some (helpful) changes along the way.


Welcome to the 10th RHESSI workshop page!  This workshop will take place between August 1st to August 5th in historic downtown Annapolis Maryland.

10th RHESSI Workshop


The 10th RHESSI Workshop will take place from August 1-5th 2010 at the Historic Inns of Annapolis in Annapolis, Maryland.

Annapolis, Maryland

Image taken by fmorgen

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