The Presentations

The individual presentations from this meeting (PPT or PDF) can be found here, and they are also collected together in a single ZIP file (117 MB, no movies).

Meeting Information

The 10th RHESSI workshop organizers would like to announce the first informal “Planning a New Flare/CME/SEP Mission – Supplemental Meeting” for a major NASA space mission focused on flares, CMEs, and SEPs for the next solar maximum in the 2020 time frame. We believe that now is the opportune time to plan such a mission given the long lead time necessary and the upcoming heliophysics decadal survey. We will discuss the science that should be addressed and the measurements that will be required.

This supplemental meeting will take place on August 5th and 6th, immediately following the 10th RHESSI workshop (August 1 – 5) at the same location, the Historic Inns of Annapolis in Annapolis, MD.

Even if you are already registered for the 10th RHESSI workshop, please register for this supplemental mission planning meeting below.


Please watch this page as information about this meeting will be posted here as it becomes available.


At the end of the 10th RHESSI workshop (Thursday and Friday), a supplemental meeting will take place to discuss the planning of a future Flare/CME/SEP mission.

Please find below the draft agenda for the special meeting on August 5 and 6 to discuss a space mission for flares/CMEs/SEPS in the 2020 time frame. For flares, we have asked the lead authors for chapters of the Space Science Reviews volume nearing completion to summarize the main science questions, specifically to address the new observations that are needed.  We have asked some other researchers attending the meeting to give similar talks to cover other areas – CMEs, SEPs, etc. These talks are scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

We are soliciting contributed talks on science/required measurements for the Thursday evening session that will be combined with dinner at a local restaurant; and instrument concepts talks for Friday morning.  We will wrap up Friday with a general discussion of the strategy for developing a plan for a future mission for the Heliophysics Decadal Survey.

Best regards,

Bob Lin & Brian Dennis


Registered People

(last updated 24-jul-2010)
Brian Dennis
Albert Shih
Gordon Holman
Ronald Murphy
Ronald Murphy
Jeffrey Newmark
Alexei Struminsky
Phillip Chamberlin
Gerald Share
Allan Tylka
Sam Krucker
Robert Lin
Edward DeLuca
George Doschek
Hugh Hudson
David Smith
Nicole Vilmer
Kelly Korreck
Yuan-Kuen Ko
Dan Moses
Gordon Emslie
Mark McConnell
Siming Liu
Douglas Rabin
Peter Young
Nariaki Nitta
Claire Raftery
Hazel Bain
Ryan Milligan
Steven Christe
Jeffrey Brosius
Michele Piana
Valentina Zharkova
Anna Maria Massone
Robert Stern
Gordon Hurford
Marina Battaglia
Yan Xu Chang
Liu Rui Liu
Eduard Kontar
Gottfried Mann
Alexander Warmuth
Neus Agueda
Juan Carlos
Martinez Oliveros
Joseph Davila
Tom Vestrand
Simon Bandler
Amir Caspi
Weiqun Gan
Sarah Lipscy
Lindsay Glesener
Qingrong Chen
Iain Hannah
James Lemen
Paolo Grigis
Pascal Saint-Hilaire
Martin Fivian
Yang Su
Georgia de Nolfo
Michael Briggs

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10th RHESSI Workshop


The 10th RHESSI Workshop will take place from August 1-5th 2010 at the Historic Inns of Annapolis in Annapolis, Maryland.

Annapolis, Maryland

Image taken by fmorgen

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