• WG1:RHESSI Imaging Techniques 
         Group Leader: Säm Krucker
         Co-Leader: Pascal Saint-Hilaire
  • WG2: Polarization, Directivity, & Albedo 
         Group Leader: Mark McConnell
         Co-Leader: Eduard Kontar
  • WG3: Gamma-rays and Ions 
         Group Leader: Albert Shih
         Co-Leader: Alec MacKinnon
  • WG4: Multi-wavelength Observations
         Group Leader: Ryan Milligan
         Co-Leader: Lyndsay Fletcher
  • WG5: Instrumental Issues
         Group Leader: David Smith
         Co-Leader: Gordon Hurford
  • WG6: Particle Acceleration & Transport
         Group Leader: Alexander Warmuth
         Co-Leader: Rim Turkmani
  • Maryland Blue Crabs


    10th RHESSI Workshop


    The 10th RHESSI Workshop will take place from August 1-5th 2010 at the Historic Inns of Annapolis in Annapolis, Maryland.

    Annapolis, Maryland

    Image taken by fmorgen

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